Sunday, April 15, 2012

potter in polymer

My oldest daughter, Evelyn, is currently reading the Harry Potter series. "It's really good. And really funny!" was her response when I asked her what she thinks so far. Evelyn is quickly making her way through the series, one book at a time, and then watching the film (with me!) after she finishes the book. Even though she has already seen the movies before, she is still enjoying the comparison, but, like the rest of us, maintains that the books are much better than the movies!

Evelyn inspired me to work on some new Harry Potter art. I have been dabbling in polymer clay lately, and thought about how cool it would be to make some little figurines. So I had a go and my attempt did not turn out too bad at all.

Starting out by making a flamboyant little Dumbledore, it struck me how much of a perfect contrast he would be paired with a tiny, red-eyed Voldie (who is as cute as Voldie can ever be). Love! 


The only time these two characters met face-to-face in real time is at the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, for the best battle of the entire series. Now they will be ever side-by-side as complete opposites. I cannot wait to make the entire cast of Potter characters. Next up? I'm not yet sure. Perhaps a scruffy Hagrid or a greasy Snape or maybe even a rough Mad-Eye?

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