Tuesday, November 17, 2009

film scrutinizes breastfeeding culture

A new film, Formula Fed in America, publicly questions the health epidemics that the American population face today, linking these health issues to the decline of breastfeeding in our culture. The marketing of breast milk substitutes has severely endangered the biological normality of breast milk. Formula Fed in America brings into the spotlight how people view breastfeeding mothers, wholeheartedly accept breast milk substitutes as "normal," and pinpoints on how "money, power, and influence mean that few people understand the critical importance of our first food, breast milk."

Formula Fed in America is currently filming and is due to be released Spring 2010, and includes interviews with two of my favorite staunch breastfeeding supporters, Dr. Jack Newman, founder of the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute, located in Toronto, and anthropologist Kathryn Dettwyler, PhD. The following is a preview of the film. It seems like it will be The Business of Being Born of breastfeeding!

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