Saturday, August 20, 2011

unplugged... and plugging into the family

This month, I have been focusing much of my time on family life. We have done everything together, from visiting the amusement park, the beach, to traveling to Wisconsin to enjoy the company of family there, thrifting and stopping in local restaurants and specialty shops, from re-purposing much of our living space to re-purposing our time to focus more on things that matter most to us.

I have had a good solid 10 days off work, during which we took a four-day vacation, reorganized (and scrubbed down) the kitchen to make it an eat-in space, re-purposed the dining room to hold all of our paints and family art and craft supplies, and built movable displays for David's artwork. I am tired from all the hard work and long days, but encouraged by the progress we have made and the time we have spent together.

There are several things that I really wanted to get done during my time off that will have to wait, but I am happy with how everything has turned out so far. The house is beautiful and comfortable, and is in good shape for moving our lives back indoors as summer comes to a close.