Sunday, October 10, 2010


I knit this scarf for my Oma for Christmas. The pattern is Drop Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel, and can be purchased from Frazzled Knits. I used an wool-acrylic blend and cast on almost twice as many stitches in order to make the scarf wider.

This round cloth was knit for a swap using cotton and is from 1870 Pearl's Pinwheel pattern.

For the same swap, I also knit another cloth, also with cotton, using one of my favorite patterns, Chinese Waves from Maggie's Rags.

This little scrubbie, also knit for the swap, is another of 1870's pattern's--Tribbles. It was easy and fun, really only took an hour or so to finish.

I made this pair of shoes for my cousin's newborn little girl. They are lined with extra soft fleece to keep her toes warm this fall.

This bag has taken me forever to finish. It has been knit up for ages, I just never quite got around to the felting. Over four years later, it is finally done--and may be my longest knitting project! I’m really pleased with how the colors turned out. The pattern is Fulled Lopi Tote from Adrian Bizila.

I knit this pair of Sartjee's Bootees for a friend’s gender neutral layette. I used scrap wool-blend yarn for this excellent, fast-knit project! Finished one bootie in June in just one brief sitting, but didn’t get around to the second bootie until September.

I sewed up this little drawstring project bag for a swap this past spring. I loved the alternating patterns of the fabric. It is the perfect size for a small project, like socks or a hat.