Friday, March 23, 2012

a spin on tradition

Every St. Patrick's Day, we celebrate with one annual tradition in our family. We make delicious Reuben sandwiches. These simple sandwiches have most of the typical ingredients, with a healthy little spin. As vegetarians, we replace the classic corned beef with a ripe, green substitute -- avocado!

Reuben sandwich for the vegetarian palate
Recipe makes one sandwich

2 slices rye bread
1/2 avocado, peeled and sliced (or mashed)
1/8 cup sauerkraut
2 thin slices swiss cheese
Thousand Island dressing

Set oven to broil. Spread a layer of Thousand Island dressing over both slices of rye bread.
Lay slices of bread on a baking sheet, setting one slice of swiss cheese on each bread slice. Broil until slightly toasted. Spread sauerkraut and avocado over one slice of toasted bread and cheese. Close second toasted slice over first to complete sandwhich. Eat and enjoy!

Serve with a side of veggie chips, potatoes, or as an appetizer.

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