Saturday, April 28, 2012

french press

Slippers are a must-have. They make wonderful gifts for friends and family, for birthdays, for new mamas, for no reason at all. One thing is for certain, though: every mama needs a favorite pair of slippers to keep her toes warm and comfortable on chilly days and dark nights.

My favorite slipper pattern is Melynda Bernardi's French Press, a felted wool design which knits up in no time at all and is then felted in the washing machine in less than 15 minutes. Pairing this pattern with my favorite felting wool, Cascade 220 in 9421, these are the second pair of French Press slippers that I have knit. This time, I followed the pattern for a size 9/10, and, after felting, they came out to be around 8.5. The pattern leaves quite a bit to personal interpretation and inspiration, which is why I love it so much.

I really like the look of French Press knit up in natural, earthy tones paired with metallic buttons, but this pattern has such wonderful potential with vibrant colors! The very first pair of French Press I made was done in a darker blue with neon green buttons. This time, though, I wanted to make something very springy and light, which is why I chose this clear sky Hawaiian blue.

The most difficult part of making these slippers was picking out the buttons. Bubblegum pink popped against the blue wool, and purple was a wow, too. But I fell in love with the contrast of the yellow against the vibrant blue. It is so simple and so lovely, and reminded me of the bright sun shining in a clear blue sky.

This pair of French Press slippers is destined for a friend. And I have already started knitting my third pair of French Press, to hopefully be finished very soon.

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