Monday, April 16, 2012

back in time

On our 1500 mile road trip to the woods of northern Wisconsin, we spent four wonderful days with David's parents at the family's remote 125 year old log cabin, which is complete with water pump and outhouse. Days were spent cooking, hiking, and enjoying nature, trees, rocks, grass, earth, old buildings, dirt roads, wind, and absolute silence.

We saw plenty of wildlife, of which we kept a running tally, and were lucky to have had the camera ready at just the right moment on a few occasions. We saw 20 deer, nine hawks, six bald eagles, five ravens, two coyotes, two golden eagles, two whiskey jacks, and one blue heron, not to mention tracks and scat of all sorts, including deer, porcupine, canine, and even bear! 

The kids had ample opportunity for all the activities that we constantly wish there was more time for back home, including archery, kite flying, whip cracking, rock collecting, bird watching, and hiking. Days were both action-packed and relaxing, depending on the moment. The sun played a constant game of peek-a-boo most of the time we were there, but the air was fresh and the wind was strong. My favorite part? The scent of wild leeks as we stepped through the organic rubble of the forest floor. The sunbeams and stark blue sky occasionally peeking through the clouds. The cabin in its clearing. 

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