Tuesday, April 17, 2012

spring knitting

Today, I bring you a recently knit project. I wanted to make something sassy for my five year old to wear with her trademark leggings and spunky shoes. Using the pattern Girl's cap sleeved spring shirt by Shellee Floyd at Soulfulhues, I chose Loops & Threads Cotton Club in Wild Rose for a lighter-weight sweater as we head into warmer days. 
It seems I always have to make a few variations from the pattern as it is written. With this sweater, I lengthened the body slightly to be more of a tunic and only used one size needles throughout. Also, instead of doing a rolled hem along the bottom edge, I opted for a cleaner look with a band of ribbing.
My notes:
CO 92 sts. Follow pattern for medium sweater.
Begin changes: Sixth row (or so) after underarm joining, increase three additional stitches under each arm (104 sts). Do not switch needle sizes.
After piece measures about 16 inches, begin bottom hem with following:
Row 1: K2 P2 until end of round.
Row 2: Knit.
Repeat these two rows for about two inches, then bind off.

I loved how this sweater turned out. It's simple and comfortable and darling. Esme loves wearing it, and it's the perfect weight for long spring days. And perfect for a sassy little girl!

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  1. Too cute! And Esme (as always) looks gorgeous!