Tuesday, February 22, 2011

another baby gift

One of my beloved friends from college just had her baby yesterday (congratulations, Beth!). Last month, her sister threw her a baby shower. I unfortunately could not make it to the shower, but I made it in spirit. I knit up a little something for her baby girl and sent it to get there in time for the party. She loved it! Take a look!

I searched through my library and found a pattern for Small Things Bonnet by Carina Spencer and decided that the pixie hood would be perfect for a little girl. I raided my stash for some soft yarn and came up with a skein of Vermont Organic Fiber Company's O-Wool Balance, a lovely cotton blend. The pattern worked up quickly without a hitch, but I did braided ties instead because I was afraid I would not finish in time otherwise. The hat is the second largest size, so it should fit next winter and hopefully beyond!

For the wrapping, I purchased a cutesy wet bag from BABYbydanish on Etsy.

I wrapped the hat in pink tissue paper and set it right inside the wet bag, which doubled its purpose, making it a green alternative to gift wrap! Plus, there's no denying, it's extra cute. I also included two natural infant prefold diapers, which can be used as diapers if they choose to cloth diaper, which they have been contemplating, or as absorbent burp cloths.

I love the yarn, and I have a couple more skeins in a more natural color. Cotton blends tend to have a nice, clean sheen when knit up. It is a major bummer that the yarn has been discontinued. If I come across any in the future, I have to remember to pick it up for future baby projects.


  1. Where did you get that yarn? It's GORGEOUS! Thanks for the link for the Etsy site. I know where I'm getting my wet bags now!

  2. I think I got it in a swap last fall. And the funny thing is that the photo does not do the color justice at all! I'm so sad that they discontinued the yarn; I believe the yarn company went out of business.