Saturday, March 17, 2012

starting seeds

I have been lusting for spring. This winter was mild, but even so, I want sunshine and green and birds. I have already been out in the garden a few times to start the annual spring clean-up. It is still too early for us to start plowing our garden, but we did start some of our seeds inside two weeks ago. Every year, we stockpile egg cartons, as they make the perfect starter containers.

Here is what we do:  Remove the lid off the egg carton. Fill each egg cup with damp potting soil so the soil is level with the side of each cup. Make a slight indent in the top of the soil in each cup. Place two or three seeds in each indent, then cover them with soil.

Once planted, we store our seed starters in a clear tub with a lid to cover it (plastic wrap can work, too) and place it in our dining room window, which gets plenty of Southwest sunlight in the early spring. The soil should remain relatively moist. When the seedlings get to be about 4 inches tall or so, they need to be transplanted from their egg cartons to a larger container, such as plastic cups or even pots. If you are past your last frost, they can already be planted in the garden, but need to be gradually hardened to the elements before they can be moved outside.

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