Monday, March 5, 2012

hints of spring

Spring is right around the corner, and our garden is ready for the season change. Strawberries and daffodils are already coming up at the end of our mild weather Winter. The chives and mint are ready to harvest. And we have even spotted a few violets! With the promise of warmer weather, we are starting our seeds indoors this week. We saved seeds from last year's bounty, including tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini. 

Last night, Mother Nature surprised us with a carpet of snow. I was beginning to think we were not going to get a decent snowfall this Winter. I had to get a closer look, especially since everything is beginning to sprout. 

Right now, I am... watching the snow, even as it melts before my eyes... thankful for the beauty and joy in my life and my home... making my week's to-do list of chores and preparations for my littlest one's upcoming birthday... listening to my girls giggles, even though they are not feeling well... gathering my motivation to kick-start my busy day... enjoying a quiet moment, a hot cup of tea, and a mid-morning snack... 

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