Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It seems with every season change, I am ever more aware of the ticking of the clock, the passing of another year. With each holiday, I get caught up in the joy and celebration and love of our family and friends. But once the holiday is gone, I need time to stop and reflect, to remember, to share. I want to linger in the memories and embrace the traditions we cherish. 

What sweet memories do I carry away from this holiday season?

  * Exchanging cookies with family and friends

  * Classic carols sung and favorite books  read over and over

  * Cold, quiet nights spent sitting around the fire while sipping cups of tasty hot things

  * The handmades -- dyed yarn, ornaments, hats and scarves and gloves, clothes and bags

  * Snow in time for our celebration with my in-laws -- a white Christmas

The holidays are over. Tomorrow, we all go back to the normal grind. I will miss the coziness of the house decorated for the Yuletide season. And, again, 2012, I welcome you and the wonder of the new beginning you promise us.


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