Saturday, January 28, 2012

a light winter's day

Winter finally made her presence known over the weekend when she caught us in a good sized ice storm. The children were able to enjoy a full afternoon of skating on the ice, all bundled up in their cold weather gear. I finished knitting a pair of wool mittens for Evelyn just in time for her to wear them into the cold. She took off with them before I could even capture a photo. Here are a couple post-worn-in photos:

Monday turned out to be a nice relief from the harsh cold with a surprise day of sunshine! As it turned out, the ice did not last long. The muck from the ice storm over the weekend melted before morning was over. All three of our cats curled up in the windows and enjoyed the bright winter sunshine that has been almost rare these last few weeks. Nova claimed the sunny spot on the window seat in the dining room garden, a perfect place to keep guard over the yard as well as indoors.

Tea, hot chocolate, and freshly baked cookies were absolute musts for the girls, even though the sun was shining. Esme proudly made her very own cup of tea in the Japanese butterfly mug she picked up for a whopping 15 cents at the thrift shop.

Snow-covered, sunny winter days spent curled up with a blanket and a good book next to the fire -- there really is not much better than that. Hopefully we will find ourselves snow-covered again soon.

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