Friday, June 11, 2010

may swap

I sent a swap package out to the Lady of the Month of May a few weeks ago, and she finally got it, so it is now safe for me to post pictures!

I used the Chinese Waves pattern for one of the cloths. This pattern has turned out to be a very simple and reliable knit over and over again. I highly recommend it if you are in search of a good scrubbing cloth--even though the pattern takes a little bit of practice and some patience to get the knack of.

For the green cloth, I used the double-bump cloth pattern. I also made another lovely little notions pouch. These pouches are very fun to make, and the options for creativity are endless. This particular pouch may just be my favorite yet. I love the colors and the flair. Hopefully the recipient likes it as much as I do!

Esme helped model the inside of the pouch so you could see how it is lined in the same green used on the leaves. Notice the paint on her hands? We had just finished painting her face.

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