Friday, June 18, 2010

born in the caul

I just came across a very impowering homebirth story in pictures. The pictures are of the birth of a baby born in the caul, meaning he is born with the amniotic sac or membrane still intact around his body. The sac then balloons out around the baby at birth, covering his face and body as he emerges from the mother. When still inside the sac, a baby continues to be nourished through the umbilical cord and is not in danger of drowning and has nearly zero chance of neonatal infection. A baby born in the caul is very rare, especially in today's obstetrics, and children who are born in this way are considered, based on legend, lucky for life.

View Born in the Caul on homebirth midwife Beth Miller's website, Birthing Way to see this amazing birth.

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