Wednesday, May 12, 2010

owly pouch

For the Malabrigo swap, the lady I was stalking wanted a notions pouch for her project bag. Since some of the things on her Etsy favorites were of an owl theme, I though I would make my own little version of a zipper pouch specifically for her! This is what I came up with:

I think it's very cute! This is what I did: I cut out two identical pieces of felt for the bag itself, one in light blue and one in darker blue; then I cut a strip out of the center of the felt to fit a four inch zipper. I pinned the outside of the bag (darker blue felt) to the zipper, then carefully put the second piece of felt (light blue) on top of the dark piece as a liner, lining up the edges. I then pinned the two layers together along the zipper. Lining up the zipper really was the most difficult part of the project. Before I started sewing the zipper to the inner and outer liner, I made sure the zipper slid back and forth as it was pinned. I started stitching the zipper using a neat straight stitch, making sure the stitches were evenly spaced from the zipper all the way around.

After finishing the zipper, I made my cutesy owl applique and sewed that to the outer layer of the pouch. Then I did a blanket stitch around the outside, sewing the four layers (the liner and the outer fabric) together. After everything was done and in pouch form, I decided that I should add something else to counter the owl, so I put on the moon, albeit somewhat sloppily. But, all in all, it turned out very cute! I almost wanted to keep it for myself! I just hope she likes it and gets much use out of it!

If you choose to make your own version of this little owl pouch, please leave a link to your blog or photo so I can admire your creativity! I would love to see what you come up with!

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  1. I LOVE THIS OWL!!! It's the cutest thing EVER!