Wednesday, February 8, 2012

heartbeat artistry

About a year ago, my husband began stepping away from the corporate world and integrating himself into an artist lifestyle. He now spends many of his days in his studio or office, creating more and more artwork. As he has began building up quite an inventory these last few months, I have been spending most of my spare time developing an online presence for his artwork.

David's artistic experience goes back quite a few years. In 2001, David established his business, Heartbeat Artistry, primarily focusing on drum making and professional drumming. Between 2001 and 2008, David's drums were featured in our shop at the Bristol Renaissance Fair in Kenosha, WI. Other businesses began carrying his drums, as well, including WardBrodt Music in Madison, WI, Lakeshore Music Conservatory in Racine, WI, Schmitt Music in Racine, WI, Astor Street Dance Studio in Milwaukee, WI, Absolute Music in Fairborne, OH, Sheepish in Racine, WI, and Parana Gaming and Mega Bites in Racine, WI.

David's drums are incredibly unique. With a ceramic body and fixed tuning, the drums have a full, rich, resonant bass tone, called the "doum," and a crisp, clear, solid high tone, called the "tek." The colors are vibrant and fresh, not only the body of the drum, but also often in the tie-dyed heads. 

Why ceramic? Ceramic has a clarity and distinction that tends to be absorbed in wooden drums and a depth that is lacking in metal drums. The sheer enormity of the sound of a ceramic drum is quite unlike anything else you will find. Over the last decade, David has further developed and refined his drum-making techniques to maximize the natural properties of ceramic and skins, and perfected the art of selecting the exact perfect skin for each drum.

David's drums are based on traditional hand-drums from the Mediterranean, North African, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. His best-selling styles are based on the goblet-shaped doumbek, the larger djembe, and the Persian zarb.

Having taken piano lessons starting at three years old, and playing trumpet once he turned seven, David has always had an ear for music. He went on to study Jazz Theory, taught instrumental music, and performed trumpet and percussion at events across the country. Once David got into drum making, other artistic mediums just began rolling. David has expanded his artistic repertoire to include sculpture, watercolor and ink, and woodworking. Much of his artwork is featured in studios, galleries, homes, and restaurants around the country.

In 2011, combining his love of wood-turning with his long-time hobby of whip-cracking, David took up whip making. As they are made of nylon paracord, David's whips can be cracked in adverse weather conditions without being damaged. His preferred style of whip to work with is based on the Florida Cow Whip because of the unique inserted thong allows for a variety of handle sizes and styles. David hand-turns his handles on a lathe in a variety of exotic woods.

All of David's artwork is handmade, from start to finish, at our indoor-outdoor home studio. While much of his works are sold online in Heartbeat Artistry's Etsy store and through our ebay store, David often attends events across the country, whether it be as a guest instructor, a performer, or a vendor. As for the business end of things... well, that is where I step in. As I said before, much of my spare time lately has been dedicated to developing an online presence for Heartbeat Artistry. Weekly blog updates, ebay auctions, and Etsy listings are a few tasks I have taken on. It makes me feel like I can be a part of my husband's work when I advertise it for him. And hopefully it shows him that I support him and his creativity.

Running a family business is difficult and challenging, but it also gives us so much. The children love going to events and helping out in the studio. They are more than happy to dive right in to a bucket of clay, get covered in paint and glaze, and pick out colors for the next whip. They are proud of the work they do and boast about the projects they had a hand in. Running a family business has helped to bring us closer together.

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