Tuesday, March 23, 2010

knitting swap ii -- March

It is once again time for me to send out my Lady of the Month package for the knitting swap group that I belong to. March's Lady of the Month, however, did not give me much to work with as to what she liked and disliked. Really, the only thing I had to go with was that she likes the color red and the aromas of pumpkin and vanilla.

With that, I did all that I could, really. I watched what some of the other ladies sent her (red yarn, red cloths) and tried to come up with something unique. I did not want to go with strictly red since that is what she has been overloaded with so far. Instead, I chose a variety of colors that highlighted the color red. After knitting half-a-dozen very different washcloths, I chose the two that I thought a woman in her sixties would most appreciate.

The first cloth I was drawn to is a pattern that is reminiscent of Linoleum but combines two or three colors in a simple slip-stitch combination that mimics a diamond pattern. It was much easier than I initially thought it would be, but nothing the Mason-Dixon knitters come up with is ever disappointing! I chose my favorite combination of colors: bright red and vibrant cornflower blue. See for yourself:

The pattern for the Linoleum cloth can be found here on the Mason-Dixon Knitting blog.

To compliment the Linoleum cloth, I picked a basic basket weave pattern in Lily Sugar'n Cream's Swimming Pool, which is a variety of blues that do a sort of color-crossover when knit up. Here's a photo:

In the final package I included these two lovely washcloths; a little floral notebook and pen; a bar of handmade vanilla-oatmeal soap; two skeins of Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn; and a couple of sample Stash tea bags. I also included a handwritten letter for an extra-personal touch. Here is a photo:

Since I am in the midst of my 52 project challenge, I consider this month's knitting swap to be project 44/52.

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