Thursday, March 4, 2010

a batch of beaded stitch markers

Stitch markers are tiny round rings that are slipped onto a knitting needle to mark a certain place in a row of knitting. Commercial stitch markers are usually made of plain plastic or metal. They are notoriously dull. But lately, since I have been experimenting with beading, and what with my love of knitting, I decided to combine the two arts and make a handful of beaded stitch markers. I figured I would post a  few for sale in my Etsy shop and use a few for the knitting swaps I am participating in.

For the first batch, I used the rings from toggle clasps. After some experimentation, I decided that these are actually my favorite style mostly because they look the neatest. The following pink and black stitch marker is the first one I made:

The next two stitch markers I made are lovely. I sort of made them as a matching pair with pink semi-transparent glass beads:

I also tried using wire for the marker itself because they are potentially cheaper to make. The beaded portion looks pretty enough, but I have trouble getting the ring part to stay round. Overall, I was less than crazy about the results, but I gave this batch to February's Lady of the Month in the swap package since she asked specifically for stitch markers:

After considering the wire markers somewhat unfortunate, I made another pair with the toggle ring, this pair is red and blue for this month's Lady of the Month swap:

My final foray into beaded stitch markers for the day included a set of three. By this point, Evelyn was home from school and Esme was awake from her afternoon rest, so they joined in the beading fun. I think these are quite possibly my favorites of the day:

I had a variety of inspiration for these projects. I had seen someone using beaded stitch markers when I ran into a local coffee shop the week before. When I got home, I did a search on the internet, on Flickr and Etsy, to see how common they were. I turned up with hundreds of results and combined several different ideas with my own to create these markers.

As for my 52 project challenge for 2010, I consider the beaded stitch markers project 46/52.

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