Tuesday, April 7, 2009


2 young girls 1 tired adult 2 days left to pick up my books from the library's hold shelf 1 (short) nap that day 45 minutes before the veggie bake is ready 1 determined visit to the library 5 times I said "Walking feet, inside voices!" 7 board books gleefully discovered & brought, one by one, by Esme 2 visits to the bathroom initiated by children 0 visits to the bathroom initiated by me 2 minutes between bathroom visits 1 colossal temper tantrum by Esme 2+ dollars paid in fines because I am not as observant of due dates as I used to be 1 greeting by Story Time woman, who I met when came with my 10 month old only child 1 forehead sweaty from exertion 3 times I wondered how Story Time woman's perception of me has changed in the past 7 years 8 books for girls 2 books for me 0 minutes left on oven timer when we arrived home

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