Tuesday, May 29, 2012

many crafts of may

This May has been filled with a little bit of everything for our family. David had a show to attend, the Janesville Renaissance Faire, and his preparation kept him busy in the weeks leading up to it. The rest of us? Well, we spent a lot of time in the garden, writing on the sidewalks, cutting shapes out of paper and fabric, sewing, knitting, gluing, painting...

My favorite project of the month goes to Esme. She made a very creative and lovely fish windcatcher. She colored two sides of a fish, cut them out and glued them together (back to back), and then glued orange, plastic newspaper bags to the tail. She also cut strings to attach to the fish's mouth and hung everything from a pencil.

And while Esme's fish started things off with a bang, this next project is perhaps a bit less exciting. Last month, a friend of mine birthed her second son, at home, as planned. She is an avid breastfeeder, so as a mama gift for her, I made a few pair of nursing pads with waterproof backing to help prevent leaks. I chose a soft, pretty tie-dye print cotton for the side against her skin, a couple of cotton layers inside for absorbency, and a layer of PUL on the outside to prevent any moisture from leaking onto her clothes.

With so many new babies on the way, I spent a few hours here and there knitting tiny, striped newborn hats to crown the little heads of all the new arrivals. This turned out to be a lovely stash-buster of a project, and is still continuing with a pink and gray hat that is halfway complete. As it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised with some of the color combinations on these hats, including one for a happy Gryffindor supporter!

Summer is here, unofficially, perhaps. But with its arrival also comes free time and opportunity for family crafting. We all have a list of things to get done, and my own list is only getting longer. One things is absolutely for certain: getting dirty and clay covered together sure makes for a wonderful way to spend summer vacation!

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