Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a hell of a shawl

My father was born and raised in Germany, and his side of the family still lives over there. We make a trip or two every year or so to visit. This Easter, my parents are making a visit. I always like to make something special for my Oma (grandmother) and she has really gotten used to getting knitting from me. Well, two weeks before they left for their vacation, my Dad called Oma and asked her what she wanted them to bring for her. She said that she wanted me to knit a blue and white shawl for her.

When he told me, I was hesitant--I was not sure I would have time to complete such a major project in two weeks. But I figured I couldn’t give up without a fight! I went to the yarn shop and picked up three skeins of my favorite yarn, Malabrigo Merino Worsted, in a lovely blueish color. I couldn’t get my hands on any white (my Oma is very particular about her whites--anything even remotely off-white and she is convinced it is “dirty”--LOL), so I figured I would stick with solid blue. The following is a photo of the yarn, which is Jewel Blue:

I wanted to do lace, but since I would be hurrying to complete the project on time, I did not want anything too complex. The pattern that I settled on, Julianne Nyberg's Little Black Stole, is lovely and I am very pleased with it.

For this particular shawl, I cast on a total of 90 stitches to make the final project a bit wider then what the pattern called for--more substantial. I went with Malabrigo so that my grandmother would stay warm and cozy! After knitting approxamitely three feet, I blocked and stretched, blocked and stretched, until the shawl was over five feet long. I added a good eight inches of fringe on every other ridge.

This is project 43/52.

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