Saturday, December 12, 2009

knittin' mittens

A wonderful thing about having a homemade Christmas is knowing that the handmade gift given, decoration hung, food enjoyed is special because it was made with love. When something is made with love, I like to think it is a give that is cherished. It does not have to be fancy, nor does it have to be expensive. But when it’s made with love, it cannot get better than that. The one who receives the homemade gift, sees the decoration, or enjoys the dish will know and remember that those things were not there because we ran out of time, but because we took the time to make them.

For Yule this year, my go-to knitted gift is mittens. So far, I have completed a total of six pairs of mittens. Some of them are simple, classic mittens, while other pairs are hybrid designs. One was a complete experiment. All turned out well!

The first pattern I used was Classic Mittens by Bernhard Ulmann. An easy pattern, each pair knit up quickly in a couple days. I made three different sizes, Women's Medium (for my Mother in Law), Kids Large (for Evelyn), and Kids Small (for Esme). The first one here is for my mother in law. I chose a variegated pink and gray, and I think I might knit some ear warmers to match them since her birthday is on Christmas Day.

Evelyn is making a shift from having her favorite colors being pink and purple to her new favorite colors of blue and turquoise. I chose this variegated yarn with purples and blues, even though they do not match her winter coat at all. 

These little toddler mittens are for Esme. I chose the same yarn as the mitts for my mother in law, mostly to use up the leftover yarn. The size makes them cute as can be! I might make a cord to attach the mitts inside her jacket so we do not loose them.

My father in law wanted a pair of useful, all purpose mittens, so I went for a simple look more than anything. I used the pattern Jack-in-the-Box Mittens from Knitting New Mittens & Gloves by Robin Melanson as a basis, but I had another cable that I used instead for a more ‘manly’ look. I am very pleased with how these turned out.

I knit a pair of trigger finger mittens for David. I love them! I used the pattern Mrs. Martin's Finger Mitts from the book Favorite Mittens by Robin Hansen, and I used a simple off-white wool yarn. It was hard to get the size right, since David has rather large hands.

The last pair of mittens I made to go with the hooded scarf I am knitting for my mom for Christmas, but they did not go at all, so I am keeping them for myself. I did not use a pattern, but sort of improvised the design. I used an acrylic blend from my stash. They are soft and comfortable!

I would still like to knit a pair or two of fingerless mittens. I have my eye on a couple of patterns, though I am not sure how much time I will have before Christmas since I still have several other projects to finish first. Hopefully everyone loves their mittens!

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