Friday, August 14, 2009

The Birth Survey

The Birth Survey is grassroots volunteer community that is "dedicated to the promotion of advancing transparency in maternity care." The Birth Survey shares honest, objective information about birthing caregivers and settings. The survey is filled out by women who share their own personal birthing experiences and essentially rate their maternity care, their OB or midwife, and the place where they gave birth (hospital, birth center). By viewing various reports, you can get an accurate idea of, for instance, a particular hospital's intervention rate. One of the primary goals of The Birth Survey is to help women make informed choices regarding their birthing care. The survey only takes approximately 30 minutes. Plus, if you pass this information on, you have the opportunity to win various prizes!
Come join the weekend fun as we mark the one year anniversary of the national launch of The Birth Survey! Starting now and ending at midnight on Sunday (Eastern), we will be giving away “door” prizes and other fun things.
So? What are you waiting for? Go win stuff!

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