Monday, May 4, 2009

breastfeeding gift basket

My cousin's wife is pregnant and due in the fall, which means the time has come to start collecting things for yet another breastfeeding basket!
Here is some background on my famous breastfeeding gift baskets: if I know that a pregnant friend is going to breastfeed (or at least considering it), I always gift a couple of her registry items with items that she will find useful in the first few weeks of breastfeeding her new arrival. I arrange everything up in a receiving blanket and compile it all into a beautiful, reusable basket.

In the basket (which can be placed in her "Nursing Nest" for an easy to reach stash of items) is:
  • A copy of "The Baby Book," "The Breastfeeding Book" or "The Attachment Parenting Book," all of which are written by William & Martha Sears
  • A copy of Janet Tamaro's lighthearted "So That's What They're For!: Breastfeeding Basics"
  • Two pair of washable cotton nursing pads (if we're lucky, they are made by my talented DH)
  • One tube of Lanolin, used to relieve nipple pain, which is common in the first couple weeks of breastfeeding.
  • Samples bags of Yogi Tea's Nursing Mom and Traditional Medicinal Mother's Milk Tea
  • One oatmeal raisin Luna Bar (oatmeal is known to increase milk supply in breastfeeding mothers)
  • One reusable water bottle (made of safe plastic) for mama's beverage of choice, to always be within easy reach during nursing sessions
  • A nursing necklace for baby to tug on rather than mama's hair, made by yours truly
  • A hat, pair of booties, or blanket for the babe, knit by yours truly
I also include a lovely bookmark (made by me) with LLL leaders local numbers, the number of a lactation consultant, and my number, as well as a few good online resources, including kellymom and mothering. I also put in my postpartum doula business card (vs. my drum-maker business card).
Sometimes I also include a copy of the current issue of Mothering Magazine, which makes nice light nursing reading--and is my favorite.

And, depending how close I am to the mama, I might include a ring sling, wrap, pouch, or other babywearing device that either David or another friend made, or one that I find at a reasonable price on eBay, craigslist or Etsy.

I also sometimes include a herbal sitz bath mixture for mama's healing, or goldenseal for the umbilical cord--depending how receptive/dedicated to alternative parenting the mama is.
I suppose I am lucky that I work in a bookstore--I always buy up any nifty intro-to-breastfeeding/instinctual parenting books as soon as they come in. I let a few slide through, though, to share the love with whoever is lucky enough to find them on the shelf after my "purge." I also keep a back stock of other nifty handmade items that David or I make, or lucky finds (in excellent condition, of course) that I come across at thrift shops or garage sales, including baby blankets, sweaters, etc, giving whatever I have on hand at the time.
I totally welcome any other suggestions for what to include in my standard baby shower/breastfeeding gift basket. What did you all find helpful in the first few weeks of breastfeeding? If you received a basket, what do you want in it??

The picture of the basket at the top of this post is crochet out of an old t-shirt, believe it or not, and used for the breastfeeding basket I made for a coworker about six months ago. Below are a few other previous gifts:

My first booties-knitting project, hat and matching booties.

Homemade nursing pads...or "Hooter Pads!"

A knit baby blanket that I made for my dear nephew, Max, who will be three on Mother's Day!

My very favorite nursing necklace ever! I absolutely love the colors!

The cutest knit teddy bear ever, I must say!

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